Bertie Brown and Jon Marsden have been playing together for about 10 years and are two of the founding members of the successful acoustic/folk band 'Don't Tell Johnny' (see link below). They have both achieved Royal School of Music Grade VIII  in their respective instruments and have been playing together for many years. They have a wealth of experience of playing at festivals, wedding, special events, private parties, etc. Both are well respected musicians and performers.
The Duo have now formed an instrumental collaboration playing quality classical and contemporary music for weddings and other special corporate or private events.
If you are looking for more than a Duo, Bertie and Jonny join forces with a female lead singer and a double bass player to form the polished acoustic band  'Dont Tell Johnny'.   Check out the Don't Tell Johnny web site below.

I just wanted as A. Secret (secretary) of the Usk Valley Casting Club to thank you both for a brilliant afternoons music.  It was really lovely. Tunes we all knew and just perfect sound for the rather quaint occasion.  I had so many happy comments about you and will recommend you on if thats OK.

The lovely river bank was greatly enhanced by your playing. It was greatly appreciated to have your mellow tones in the afternoon.  I'd like you to play in my garden every day!

Willow Cracroft , Secretary, Usk Valley Casting Club